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Humid curing reactive polyurethane hot melt adhesive
Technical characteristics:
1、100% solids, odorless, safe and environmentally friendly
2、Single component, low viscosity, long operating time
3、Curing speed, the first sticky strong, can be repeatedly heated
4、High mechanical strength, chemical resistance, excellent oil resistance
5、Bonding a wide range of: metal, glass, plastic

Product Model Colour Solid content VISCOSITY cps@110℃ Open Time
Application Temperature
Storage temperature
Application fields
PUR3401 White solid 100% 5000-10000 2-4 110 5-30 Electrical appliance panel bonding
PUR3401T White solid 100% 1500-3500 2-4 110-130 5-30 Electronic coating
PUR3402 White solid 100% 4000-6000 4-6 110 5-30 Hand-held consumer electronic products bonding
PUR3404 White solid 100% 6000-9000 4-6 120 5-30 Automobile lamp bonding